Current School Year Calendar

2015- 2016 School Year Calendar

September 10, Thursday                     FIRST FULL DAY OF SCHOOL

September 14 and 15       Rosh Hashanah (NO SCHOOL)

September 23, Wednesday       Yom Kippur (NO SCHOOL)

September 24, Thursday       Eid al-Adha (NO SCHOOL)

October 12, Monday                       Columbus Day (NO SCHOOL)

October 22, Thursday                          Half Day. Pick up at 11:30 am.

November 3, Tuesday                          Election Day/Staff Development (NO SCHOOL)

November 11, Monday                         Veterans Day (NO SCHOOL)

November 25, Wednesday                  NO AFTER SCHOOL

November 26 and 27             Thanksgiving Recess (NO SCHOOL)

December 3, Thursday                       Half Day.  Pick up at 11:30 am.                                   

December 23, Wednesday                  NO AFTER SCHOOL

December 24-January 1             Winter Recess (NO SCHOOL)                                            

January 18, Monday                           Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day (NO SCHOOL)

January 28, Thursday                         Half Day. Pick up at 11:30 am.

February 8, Monday      Lunar New Year (NO SCHOOL)

February 15 - 19           Midwinter Recess (NO SCHOOL)

March 25, Friday                           Good Friday (NO SCHOOL)       

April 21, Thursday     Half Day. Pick up at 11:30 am. 

April 25 - 29                 Spring Recess (NO SCHOOL)            

May 30, Monday                               Memorial Day (NO SCHOOL)

June 9, Thursday                              Staff Development Day (NO SCHOOL)

June 24, Friday                                 LAST DAY OF SCHOOL. END OF YEAR CELEBRATION. HALF DAY. 

*In the event of extreme weather or citywide emergencies, MLV will follow the Department of Education’s school closings for Manhattan.